Kalusen Burger is first of all a beer factory.
Our micro-berry is right in the restaurant where the beer-filled boilers are not at all guarded by the eyes of the customers.
We have been on the market in Cluj-Napoca since 2010 but the project started two years ago when three good friends, vision and innovation have begun to revitalize the concept of beer and create an authentic brand, supported by a beer brewery , Natural, free of additives and preservatives.
Fans of the combination of malt, hops and water need to know that handcrafted beer is a non-industrialized, independent beer that uses old, traditional recipes that we personalize through many tastings and tastings using natural ingredients and of superior quality.
We manufacture beer with a lot of passion, passion that most often exceeds the desire for profit, we experiment with it and we love this joyful liqueur!